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Philanthropic Planning

"I can testify that it is nearly always easier to make $1,000,000 honestly than to dispose of it wisely."      -Julius Rosenwald-

I love this quote, as it speaks to one of our services, philanthropic planning,which takes into consideration: your family dynamics, issues & organizations you are passionate about, the financial / tax impact, and your desired legacy.



At Bowman Wealth Management ,a high degree of attention is given to portfolio design.Your wants and needs are not only matched with your written analysis, but with regular reviews of holdings, to determine the most appropriate approach for managing your wealth. We can design both short and long-term strategies for acquiring, disposing, and preserving assets. 

Financial Planning

The careful and forward thinking advice provided in a written financial plan, whether a basic or a comprehensive design, will serve to aid you in decisions about your current finances, and guide you as you pursue future goals and objectives. 

Tax & Estate Planning

Although not synonymous terms, both tax & estate planning can have the objective of taking advantage of tax laws that allow one to minimize their tax burden.

Regardless of the reasons for an estate plan: selling a business, protecting family wealth, providing an income & lifestyle, or being philanthropic, we will work with your estate planning attorney to ensure the assets used to fund your trust are structured to meet their intended purpose.

Tax Preparation

Reviewing tax returns can be an essential part of the planning and advising process. Preparing tax returns also gives great insight into what opportunities are available to help minimize your tax burden.  Therefore, tax preparation is offered to review strategies duscussed in the tax planning conversatons with existing clients, and to offer stratigies to new clients.

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